Offshore staffing is seen as a long-term opportunity for expansion, and firms have been welcoming it with open arms!

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3 min readOct 19, 2021


Entigrity has been widely accepted by the accounting industry and we’re one of the preferred offshore staffing partners for 15 out of the top 100 Accounting firms. Services comprising advisory, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, audit & finance, cash flow management, and CFO support.

Why is Entigrity the right offshore staffing partner? Simply because you can hire someone starting @ $10/hour or you can save a lot of money in overheads, recruitment, etc. … right? — “No”

  • We exclusively work with accounting firms and understand our clients’ needs precisely.
  • Our track record of working with over 600 CPA firms.
  • Our specialized training & hiring ecosystem enables us to source the highest quality talent to work with our clients. We have over 1000 hours of the original content of intermediate through advanced technical & non-technical content with learning and development workshops available.

Customer feedback on offshored hired through Entigrity:We came across at Entigrity and found knowledgeable, educated professionals who are also humble and kind. Everyone we’ve interviewed with has been a truly solid individual. We feel the warmth and sincerity of the folks we’re dealing with, these are typically young, honest, hard-working people who care about doing well in school and subsequently care to do well in the workforce.”Basil Agrocostea, Agro Accounting CPA.

Entigrity being the offshore staffing partner for these highlighted accounting firms has seen them grow within the firms profoundly. Here’s what they also achieved successfully:

  • Able to save on average 8 hours a week for the onshore team members
  • Better work culture and work-life balance.
  • All staff taking initiatives, leading some of the tasks, and taking ownership.
  • Projects and tasks were on autopilot with little involvement from seniors
  • Some level of disruption was expected.
  • Improved TAT (from 30 days to less than 11 days).

Why Entigrity is a trusted partner and has a record of zero security breaches?

Working with partners like Entigrity, where corporate governance and compliance are at the core of their culture and philosophy.

  • Entigrity is a trusted partner of over 600 accounting firms globally. A clean track record of 8 years with never incurring a security breach
  • Comprehensive and strict IT & privacy controls in place.
  • Candidates are running through a stringent pre-screening and background check
  • IP addresses are bound so no one outside of the organization can access any information.
  • The monthly audit is done by the Data Protection Officer and ISO auditor.
  • Avg. 4.9 Star Ratings & 100+ Reviews from Clients and Employees on Google.
  • Over 5 dozen ‘client success stories’ Video Testimonials
  • Approved partners of NASBA & IRS.
  • Sonic firewalls are used to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of confidential information.
  • Series of control measures are in place for the protection of data privacy and confidentiality.
  • A standard contractual agreement which outlines the protection of our clients’ information, in addition, our staff are bound by a similar confidentiality agreement.

“The CPA Practice Advisor awarded Shawn Parikh, Founder & CEO of Entigrity as a top 20 under 40 Honouree for the year 2020 — for helping accounting professionals to advance within their field.”

Many accounting industry experts believe in us and proudly recommend us to accounting firms!

Over the last two months, over 45 accounting firms have partnered with Entigrity, onboarding 84 staff in preparation for the upcoming tax season.


Entigrity has expanded by around 90% just in the last 15 months. Astonishingly, we accomplished what we achieved during the previous seven years. We have assisted over 660 accounting and CPA firms in hiring over 1200+ accounting experts. Guiding them in developing their offshore team to mitigate onshore staffing challenges. Positions like accountants, tax associates, tax seniors, auditors, admin support staff, and managers start at $10/hour.



Entigrity Solutions LLC

Entigrity, based in Sugarland Texas, helps accountants, CPAs, Tax Professionals, EAs to hire offshore staff and save 75% on labor costs. www.entigrity.com